The clueless boss is not dumb – he’s just uneducated. Perhaps he just started with the company, is unfamiliar with the technology, or is temporarily out-of-touch due to personal problems. A clueless boss can be a good boss who is just off-track at the moment. The best way to deal with this type of boss is to teach him, and bring him up to speed. You’ll be surprised at how fast he comes around, and he’ll have you to thank!

A boss is a person who is in charge of other people. Bosses may be overseeing just one person, two people, a group of individuals, or a department. They may also be in charge of a company or even a group of companies.

My boss is the person who gives me orders at work. In other words, they tell me what to do.

The word is not a formal title. People who employ or superintend workers are their bosses. They make decisions and exercise authority over them.