The screamer boss seems to think that he will get his way if he raises his voice to an unconscionable level: the higher the volume, the higher the commitment. How does a screamer end up a boss? Some clueless hiring managers equate screaming with managerial skill. All in all, screamers just want to know that they’re being heard, and they want recognition. If you can get along with your screamer boss, and gain his respect and trust, perhaps you can help guide him to lower tones.

A boss is a person who is in charge of other people. Bosses may be overseeing just one person, two people, a group of individuals, or a department. They may also be in charge of a company or even a group of companies.

My boss is the person who gives me orders at work. In other words, they tell me what to do.

The word is not a formal title. People who employ or superintend workers are their bosses. They make decisions and exercise authority over them.